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There is a clear shift happening and a new norm being created within the business culture across our workforce. Professionals are placing a higher value on their personal time and Employers are seeing the benefit of fostering this connection between work and life. Helping employees have both, contributes to increased productivity and profitability.


Employees today believe that balancing work and life is possible and often seek out companies that offer employee-friendly policies and benefits. Organizations that accommodate these new shifts in priorities attract more choice employees and minimize costly turnover. We provide corporations a viable solution for helping employees achieve their goal of personal satisfaction.


In order for a work-life balance initiative to work, it must also benefit the organization. Adopting employee-friendly programs like a corporate concierge service turns workplaces into “places that work." Employees tend to work a lot harder and are more fully engaged within a corporate culture that cares about their wellness and happiness.


Evoking compassion and work-life balance within an organization improves employee engagement while reducing turnover, and has been proven to achieve a spirit of authenticity with individuals, which is healthy in a corporate culture. It is a win-win for corporations and their employees as the level of professional commitment, morale and loyalty skyrocket.

 Pricing of our corporate programs vary based on the size and needs of your organization. There are several variables that affect the pricing of a concierge program:

These factors and more contribute to the formula we use to staff for a successful corporate program for your organization.

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